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As we open the "ARCHIVE UNLOCK" for the last release with

Staple Dasher - inside out "Multi-Melange" by Staple x Allbirds

let us take a look back at how we got here.

Tim Brown from New Zealand, a soccer player, started on the idea in 2007

Having played for the Newcastle Jets, the Wellington Phoenix, and the 2010 World Cup, Tim began designing sneakers and visiting factories to create more than hundreds of variations for a prototype shoe, all during his offseasons. What started as just a fun idea for the athlete transformed into a successful Kickstarter campaign which eventually led to joining forces with his Co-CEO Joey in creating one of the most popular shoe brands today.

In the design space of simplicity, What would be considered a 'Smart Shoe", but not in the sense of tech but the information of The sustainability of the shoe made from wool materials & other natural materials Launched in 2015, 16.

Tim Brown was featured on an episode of Business of HYPE hosted by Jeff Staple in 2020. (

The first time Jeff and Tim had a chance to meet in person on the podcast, Jeff was intrigued by the history and dedication of Allbirds creator. The idea was something he could get behind and help bring to a different area of the shoe culture. Allbirds is a fantastic run shoe built on a great ideal that impacts the world we live in today with sustainability but not something that sneakerheads of today would consider something to put into their daily rotations of kicks. Enter Jeff Staple. "In this urgent climate crisis, the need to make environmentally sound choices is more important than ever," said Staple in a statement. "This design decision was made to not only educate the consumers on sustainable practices but also encourage them to seek out this information in every aspect of their lives and make more responsible decisions that will inevitably affect our planet. And PS: It looks dope!". -Jeff Staple

Allbirds then partnered with creative sneaker legend Jeff Staple to design an "inside-out version" of the Tree Dasher. The carbon footprint number, generally found on the bottom of all Allbirds shoes, is featured prominently on the side of the Staple sneaker. +9.2kg CO2e (In case you need a refresher: a carbon footprint is the measurement of all the greenhouse gases, like methane and carbon dioxide, emitted to create a product, converting it into CO2. ) Jeff Staple also sent me a Sample Allbirds design that was never released to the public.

Pictured below:

Grey Dasher / Blue Dasher / (F&FSample)

After the successful launch of their initial collab in December, Allbirds and Jeff Staple released two new colorways of the limited-edition now called the Staple Dasher this 2022.

The latest look is an updated play on the "inside out" style of their first collab, but with a new twist. According to Allbirds, the new collaborative shoe displays a higher carbon footprint of 12.5 kg CO2 this go around, accounting for the impact of transportation as well. This is 3 points higher than their last shoe, which came in at 9.2 kg CO2e.

"Medium Grey" and "Multi-Melange"

Interesting Staple Pigeon fact:

All thought the first time Jeff Staple met Allirds CEO Time Brown on the Business of hype podcast in 2000. It wasn't the first true encounter. in 2014, Steve Jang (Kindred Ventures) was actually involved in run testing of an early prototype of the 3/7 (THREE OVER SEVEN) brand wool shoe which would become the Allbirds Brand, and Jeff Staple took interest.

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