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Flock With Us podcast is LIVE!

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Watch, Listen, and learn my new podcast.

I've decided to jump into the podcast community. As a creator it only seemed right to continue my passion for culture on my terms. My love for the Staple Pigeon brand as well as a pigeon fancier, and wanting to document the culture we have in Nashville is the avenue I think would best suit my needs. Doing a interview style podcast with the people that I know best is what I chose to run with. Recording audio never seems enough for me, my background in video production wouldn't allow me to to just limit it to simple audio. The podcast was recorded at 4110 in Nashville distributed by and everything you see or hear from this work is solely done by myself.

“You know that saying like don't ask for permission ask for forgiveness. I say don't ask for either. Don't ask for shit. Just show what you are worth with what you make. Don't ask for nothing. I don't need anyone's approval. I just show you what I do and you make your judgment based off of that .” - Jeff Staple

The quote as above is what i have chosen to be my mantra for this journey. Everything I do is deeply rooted in the belief of what he (Jeff Staple) has created. Why? Not sure, it's just where it has lead me.

Enjoy the podcast

Flock With Us Podcast Episode. 01 Hosted by joerilla Drums w/Guest "CAPO" (concrete magazine) a former artist turned businessman in the world of Nashville's Hip-Hop & R&B. Present-day he is connecting the dots for so many local artists to get them to the next platform in their career. #flockwithus #Nashville #joerilla #BreakYourNeckAndMakeYouHumble #PigeonReligion

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