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Flock With US Podcast w/Ounze Zilla

Let me just say being able to sit down will Zilla was a rare treat for me. Ounze zilla or bettter know as Edward Crowe shared much more than I first expected when we sat down, if you know the man you know it's usually all business talks with him straight tot the point.Trying to keep my composer of was a task for me as I have never heard any of these amazing real life stories. As he broke down a glimpse into his life story. From a debilitating illness that he fought through at 16 and gaining the strength to literally walk away from it, to his introduction and exploration into the world of psychedelics, how he and Yelawolf first connected and made a choice that would ever change his life. He has traveled the world and back, an now i get to share his story with you. As you sit back and listen or watch this podcast you start to feel a sense of enlightenment and wonder, wonder why this hasn't been made into a movie lol!

" Sweep the parking lot, until you own the building" - Edward Crowe
As alwasy enjoy the podcast.

Flock With Us Podcast EP. 02 Hosted by joerilla Drums with Guest Ounce Zilla (Slumerican) Zilla's roots are deep in Nashville Hip-Hop not only in music but in the culture of it as well. Newly appointed manager of Slumericans founder world-famous artist Yelawolf. Not only does he run the day to day management but also a very talented photographer/videographer and creative. His presence and oneness with his own pursuit of spirituality with psychedelics are mind-blowing. a truly gifted beautiful soul. joerilla Drums Guest of Flock With Us Episode 02 Ounze Zilla (Slumerican) IG: www. The podcast was recorded on location at 4110 in Nashville Tennessee Recorded (audio/video), Edited (audio/video) Graphic Design all solely done by joerilla Drums.

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