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Gravis by Staple Design circa. 2007

Staple Design and Gravis (Burlington, Vermont-based independent footwear company; Unofficially, it's under the Burton Snowboards umbrella .) Created the BLACK BOX series release during Staple Design's tenth anniversary

as they picked a theme that best represented the seasonal snow and the city of New York during the winter. In addition, Staple also chose colors that accurately described the visual changes created by the falling snow. The resulting colors were named Fresh Powder, Wet Cement, and Parking Lot. The collection features three pairs of sneakers, the Lowdown, the Royale, and the Dune. A luggage set including the Terminal Case, the Metro Backpack, and the Jetway Rolling Case, Along with two colorways of New Era 59Fifty fitted cap.

My set is yet to be completed, but I'm getting closer to achieving all items over time.


First up in my collection is the "Terminal Case" of the bag series

The terminal case is a small back that can hold numerous items, including ID credit cards, some cash, a pen holder, and a mini cargo net, all the things you would need running through an airport terminal for quick access. The outer case has lovely brick snow-covered "Wet Cement." look.

The inside has what has become a classic pigeon pattern, almost like pigeon feet branding, and sets it apart from most anything you have in your collection.

The Royal Gravis x Staple shoe is a mid-top vulcanized soles with stitching on the sole and black box logo branding on the heel in a diamond pattern stitched leather pattern. The Upper has the wet cement sprinkles in a snow theme of the city. Pony hair rims around the top, and the tongue holds the 10th-anniversary brand X. The interior has Pigeon pink sock liner. The sole insert holds the classic Staple pigeon pattern with branding.

The Lowdown is a sneaker low-top skate shoe with a Fresh Powder look with a lighter brick-covered snow look, grip tape on the front of the shoe, and on the back, with the 10th-anniversary brand, Staple X embossed on the heal, which I'm sure was unseen a lot in 2007. Diamond pattern white leather with stitching around the side and on the top heel is white short pony hair that flows into the Pigeon pink sock liner. The sole insert holds the classic Staple pigeon pattern with branding.

This collaboration was significantly undervalued, taking new patterns and quality-built shoes and bags.

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